“ Q&A ”

  • Q關於水晶燈清洗/ How to clean the chandliers?
    由於義大利水晶燈造價昂貴,如果零件在清洗過程中,造成破損,等待單片的零件替換, 可能相當耗時。 我們建議客人請專業的清潔公司清理水晶燈, 以避免清洗過程中可能發生的損失及傷害。

    The chandeliers are very expensive, our customers are suggested that arrange professional cleaning company for the cleaning of chandeliers in order to prevent from the damages of chandeliers or accidents.
  • Q產品問題-風格 About Style of Murano Handy made glasses---Classical or Modern---
    依照客戶及設計師對於燈飾的風格需求, 我們不只提供古典宮廷式的水晶燈,更可以依照客人的喜好, 做出摩登或極簡造型的水晶燈。為搭配室內設計的整體性, 所有燈飾及裝飾都可以提供一系列造型的產品, 當然所以產品都來自於義大利威尼斯的老師傳的巧手~

    MURANO ART could provides various styles of glasses lighting or relative glasses products for the customers. All depends on customers' particular preference. We can make not only very much complicated luxury glasses product but also the very simple style in order to fulfill customers' desires. Of course, ALL MURANO ART Glasses is from, our partner, the ART and Experience of MURANO factory~~
  • Q產品問題 About Murano Handy made glasses
    我們的產品是依照客戶或設計師的需求, 所進行的客製化訂製, 所有款示, 顏色, 尺寸 , 造型等等, 都可以依照客人的需求進行吹製. 而且保証都是來自義大利威尼斯的MURANO 玻璃

    Our products are customiized by customers or interiors, all colors, styles, sizes could be 100% HANDY MADE customized from Venice, Italy.
  • Q訂購及貨款問題 About Order and payment
    由於我們所提供的大部份都是客製化產品的服務或接單生產, 所有的訂單皆為不成取消的訂單, 請客戶體諒. 另外 我們在合約簽訂後, 會先跟客人收取 80% 的訂金,另外的 20% 則在安裝前付清.

    As most products from MURANO ART are customized or produce by the orders, all the orders and contracts are UNCANCELED orders. Thank you for kind understanding. In additional we will take 80% downpayment after contract confirmed. Another 20% will be taken before installation. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Q運送時間 About LT Time and Delievery Time
    水晶玻璃燈或相關玻璃產品製造時間為 在合約簽訂後, 預收50%訂金後的 30 個工作天, 至於運送時間則視客人所在城市而訂.

    The LT of making the chandeliers will be usually 30 working days after 50% downpayment arrival. It could be quicker but depended on the style, color of the chandeliers. The delivery time: It depends on customer's city and country.
  • Q安裝事宜 About Installation
    All the installation will be installed by our professional team. Our installation team is from Germany professional engineerings. All the steps are very much carel and professional in order to make sure the high quality of MURANO GLASSES .
  • Q如何訂製? 出草圖? How to Order ? How to confirm the idea of
    我們收到客戶或是 設計師的訂製需求後, 會和客人簽訂不可取消訂單的客製化契約,簽訂合約完成後, 會先和客人收取 50% 的訂金. 待收到客人的訂金後, 我們會開始進行草圖製作並和客人確認, 待客人確認完成後, 義大利工廠才會開始進行客製化的玻璃客製化產品

    When we receive the inquiry from the customers or interiors, we will make uncancels orders and contract with the customers. After the customer's 50% downpayment, we will start to work from drawing with the Italian factory. All the draft and drawing will be made and confirmed by Italian murano glasses factory. Our masters will start to make the murano glasses after the customer's confirmaion of final drawing and checking.
  • Q海外訂製事宜 International customers and how to Design
    我們是義大利MURANO 手工玻璃工廠的國際亞洲代理商, 我們歡迎所有對MURANO GLASSES 有興趣的客人或設計師, 直接與我們聯絡. 我們很樂意將您對產品的設計與義大利工廠溝通, 設計, 出圖, 吹製及安裝等. 或是也可以透過EMAIL 與我們聯絡-service@murano-art.com.tw. 我們將很快回覆您的訊息及需求.

    We are the international agent for great Asia. The asian customers are wellcome to contact with us about your ideas or providing your draft drawing for glasses prodcuts. Or you are wellcome to call us and discuss about the detail of design of your idea. You also can mail us at service@murano-art.com.tw. We will contact with you very soon.