“ 如何訂製? 出草圖? ”

  • Q如何訂製? 出草圖? How to Order ? How to confirm the idea of
    我們收到客戶或是 設計師的訂製需求後, 會和客人簽訂不可取消訂單的客製化契約,簽訂合約完成後, 會先和客人收取 50% 的訂金. 待收到客人的訂金後, 我們會開始進行草圖製作並和客人確認, 待客人確認完成後, 義大利工廠才會開始進行客製化的玻璃客製化產品

    When we receive the inquiry from the customers or interiors, we will make uncancels orders and contract with the customers. After the customer's 50% downpayment, we will start to work from drawing with the Italian factory. All the draft and drawing will be made and confirmed by Italian murano glasses factory. Our masters will start to make the murano glasses after the customer's confirmaion of final drawing and checking.